Puppy Changes

Enjoy with us the changes in puppy coats and appearances as we have seen them. Some had short straight coats to begin with, and turned into long flowing beauties!! Others had longer fuller-bodied coats to start, and now have fluffy, full or shaggy coats. Still others started with a short straight coat and have kept a relatively short, wispy coat. Whatever the final appearance, all of the labradoodles we have had keep at least a short shaggy look, if not going on to a long flowing one. Of course, all of the coats can be groomed to a shorter length, which give a completly different look. Many look much more like labs after they are groomed short. Some examples of the differences can be seen below.

                         FLUFFY TO FLUFFY    

Buster - fluffy                           Buster - fluffy still

Farmer Boy/Rocket-long and straight

 STRAIGHT TO LONG SHAGGY Farmer Boy - short and straight




Shiloh-long Shiloh/Cosmo-long and flowing






                            SHORT TO SHAGGY


                             Maddi now








                 SHORT TO SHORT SHAGGY  Tracker now



                    SHORT TO LONG SHAGGY

 Jock - Newwffy