Available Puppies

Born September 2, 2015, these new babies are all now in their loving homes. Bella, our loving cream F1 labradoodle, and Tucker, a red moyen poodle, are the parents to these anxiously awaited puppies! They have given us a range in color from creams to apricots to light reds, with personalities matching the gorgeous colors and coats, to be sure! These puppies should be very low to no shed, and hypoallergenic, and we expect them to average around 50 pounds and 19 inches tall, with some bigger, as well as some smaller. Bella is our people-loving big baby, who loves attention and play. She is laid back, and she loves outside activities, as well as calm down time indoors. Bella is 23 inches at the shoulders, and weighs 50 pounds. She is CKC registered, and is an all around beautiful dog! Tucker is a handsome 20 inch, 40 pound dad! He is ACA registered, and he, like Bella, is sweet and gentle, and loves the attention of his family. He enjoys running, playing and just having fun. Tucker is a loving dog, and he passes that trait on to his puppies. Congratulations to the new families of our puppies! May you have many years of happiness together!  🙂
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 Please bear with us as we make some modifications to our web pages. We hope to give you more photos and information that will help make your puppy decisions easier. Each of our mothers will have their own page, with pictures of their previous puppies, so you can see what your dear little one just might look like.