Our New F1b Puppy Lauds!


KONA – Aire       Kona

Hi Martha,

Kona is such a wonderful puppy. Her coat is beautiful and she does not shed at all. I’ve always been allergic to cats and dogs, but not Kona. She is so smart too! We’ve already taught her to sit, chill (lay down), fetch, and speak. We spent a day with the Las Vegas dog whisper and he gave us so many tips to help with biting and jumping. She is behaving very well. Her coat has changed from straight to curly fur. She is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for such a wonderful puppy! Do you plan on having another litter? If so, Kona would love to have a brother to play with. She’s been playing with our friends’ dogs and puppies and she loves the extra attention.

Have a great day!

Kevin and Sharon


SHILOH – Amber     Shiloh

Hi Martha,

I just wanted to let you know how much we all love Shiloh. She has the best disposition snuggly and always wanting to be with us. That, of course, means she does not enjoy nights alone, but each night seems to be getting a little better as she adjusts to her new surroundings. She has done her business in our house only three times since we brought her home on Saturday, and she seems to be sitting on command for us already – she’s a smart little thing! Our entire neighborhood is in love with her – she’s a celebrity, and Jonathan couldn’t be more thrilled. He has really stepped up to do everything possible to care for her. I’m so grateful to God that I found your website, and that we ended up with this little bundle of joy. Thank you again for everything you did to prepare her for us – all of the love, as well as, the thoughtful care package you sent with her.


 LUCKY – Beau     Lucky



Lucky is getting bigger and bigger, he is 35 pounds. He does not shed, and I do not have any strong allergy reactions to him. Housebreaking is going good; he will sniff around or scratch the door to tell us he needs to go out. He likes his crate very much; he will get in and sit down by himself waiting for us to give him a treat at bed time. He knows sit, down and leave it commands. He is a quick learner. He is very social in my office; he sat down in front of each person there, waiting for a treat. We all love him very much… Thank You….

Nancy and family



EVAN – Madison      Evan


Evan is doing great. He is growing and eats like a pig. He is really well behaved, and I am so glad. I will give him a hug for you.

Merry Christmas,




LUCY – Lisa      Lucy

Lucy is one happy go lucky dog with LOTS of energy – she plays hard but sleeps just as hard … she is a healthy 22 lbs as she approaches her 4 month old birthday. She has a great disposition – very friendly and yes, even funny like her namesake. Thank you again for breeding such wonderful puppies!


The Gandhi Family




Hi Martha,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Mindy is doing fantastic. We have had her all over the place since she came home. She went swimming at our dock already. She is a great swimmer and went in all by herself without any coaxing at all. She loves the water which is perfect for us.

Mindy has met so many people and dogs in just one short week. Her favorite dog is a big old golden Lab. Go figure.

Thanks for a wonderful puppy. She is just melting all our hearts.




STELLA – Melinda      Stella

Thank you for the goodie bag. We especially love the framed pictures. Stella put her little head on the bear you had sent with her and she fell asleep. It was adorable. Like you suggested, we took her straight to our yard when we got home and she explored a little and then tinkled! We gave her one of your treats and lots of praise. She really likes being outside. Thanks for the love and care you have gave her! We are just in love with her!
With appreciation,
Jen Walker and family



Hi Martha- Just wanted to let you know that Beau is doing great!! His tempermenat is fabulous! He does not shed at all and is almost potty trained. My son LOVES him!! They play, run and tackle eachother all the time…We are still working on the crate training- he just likes to be with us all the time. Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you..
Brook Evans
LILY – Larcey




Hi, Martha!

We hope that this note finds you well in this holiday season!

Brian and I thought that you would like to see updated photos of our Lily – isn’t she beautiful?? She can be a bit naughty : ) but we have found that with a daily walk or trip to the dog park she settles down nicely. She has really become an important part of our family – we love her! (and she loves us, too)

Lily is very intelligent and has learned basic commands nicely. She is full of love and loves to snuggle with us. She and the cat are still determining who the boss is – some days it’s Lily, some it’s the cat – they seem to be striking a very nice balance.

We think of you and your family fondly and are so glad that we got Lily from you. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with good health and happiness.


Brian, Lynne, Patrick, and Ethan

MAREA – Shasta


Hi Martha,
On this snowy day, I thought it would be a good time to let you know what Marea has been up to.

First, I don’t think there could be a more perfect pooch anywhere. She is everything that we had hoped for. I can’t think of anything that we would change. We love her dearly. I always tell people I meet that Marea is the best puppy that has ever come to live with me.

Healthwise, there have been no issues. There has not been one incidence of diarrhea or vomiting. She is a very good eater.

As far as attitude, she is a happy girl. And very easily house trained. And as affectionate as can be. She has been to the groomer about four times now and they say she is the best behaved labradoodle in their practice.

In August, we took her on our RV trip to Tennessee and Marea turned out to be a wonderful traveler. Then in October we were invited to our friends new log cabin in North Carolina for a week and they said we should bring our horses and Marea. She was the perfect house guest and did not once embarrass us or herself.

She loves to go for a run in the backyard or the pasture or to be take to one of the nearby municipal walking trails that allow dogs for a walk. She walks out in front with head held high and she just prances down the trail. I can’t remember one person who did not break into a smile upon coming face to face with her.

Yours truly,

Barbara Conner




Hi Aunt Marty,
We have several couples in our church who are interested. Everyone down here loves Denver. We took him to a church function/picnic and they all fell in love with him. HE DOESN’T SHED AT ALL!!!! It’s fabulous!!!!

He changed his looks, but I think alot of that was from the cut that he got last time. He’s darling though. Oh my word….he is the MOST LOVING puppy!!! He’s so precious! He has to be with us all the time. It’s actually really funny and a running joke that if we get up to go in the kitchen or do laundry or just move from one side of the room to the other sometimes he’ll go with us. He’s especially sweet when we sit with him and gently rub his hair back from his face and tell him how much we love him and how much a good boy he is…he just sits there loving every moment….soooo cute!

His hair is lighter, but still very pretty caramel color. Most everyone who meets him thinks he’s a Golden Doodle.

Bethanne, Dan, and Denver Alex
(we gave him a middle name, which means defending man and it’s super cute. We say it when he’s being nixy)

MAZY – Josie


Dear Martha,
Mazy (Josie) just wanted to say a quick hello! She is an amazing puppy. We call her lazy Mazy when she likes to cuddle and Crazy Mazy when it’s time to play! She is very smart, already listening to commands and rings the bells on the door when she has to go outside! Everyone loves her and we are having loads of fun! Thank you for the great puppy!

Love, Sabrina and Mazy


Hi Martha!
Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how wonderful Gracies first day was. She has exceeded our expectations with flying colors! She has been an absolute joy, and has won the hearts of everyone!

Once again, THANK YOU!!

We will be in touch soon.

Bill, Heather, Wyatt, and Abbie



Hi Martha,
Thanks for the greeting. Misty is wonderful! She is such a loving and cuddly dog. We just celebrated her 2nd birthday on Sunday. She does go through periods of shedding, but I would say 1/4 of what our labrador retriever did. We do trim her and find her more manageable and cuter. She seems to shed more in the winter months. Everyone who sees her says she looks like a teddy bear, especially sitting in our yard. However, she also looks cute all shaggy. I will e-mail you a picture(s) soon, but I just wanted to respond to your e-mail.

I can’t say enough good things about her. She is awesome with our daughter, who will be turning 4 in a week…she’s a great guard dog, and what I love is that she is so cuddly and just nestles up to you. We’re working on her jumping (that’s her way of getting hugs), but she’s a little confused because our friends are dog lovers and they encourage her to jump so they can hug her also. She’s just always happy. She was about 35 lbs back in December for her check up. She looks heavier with her hair, but she’s very delicate and gentle. We absolutely love her and she’s become such a great addition to our family. I’ll keep in touch.


CHLOE – Rhesa


Hi Martha!
It has been several months since we brought Chloe home (formerly Rhesa)—she is now 6 months old. I thought you might like to see how Bella and Hamilton’s puppy is doing and how she has changed. She was the pup in the litter that most resembled a Labrador. She does shed some but nothing compared to the average dog. Her coat appears to be a “hair or flat coat” and she has some beautiful wave. The coat is coarser to the touch like a lab on her back but soft on her head and tummy. The tips of her ears have curls. We love her look! We are interested to see what she will look like with her adult coat in the next several months. We have the feeling she will continue to favor a lab. She is often mistaken for being a golden retriever.

By the way, she is a wonderful dog and she has brought so much joy into our family! She has an incredibly sweet temperament and she is laid back and comical. She is very people friendly and also likes other dogs. She loves the water and has lots of energy. Chloe has recently graduated from puppy training and she is intelligent and listens well. We take her everywhere with us (that we can!) and she just loves to be with her family (her new pack!)

We love her so much we have even thought about getting another labradoodle so she has a playmate. 

Val, Mike, Kevin and Katie Wisniewski

Baltimore, Maryland

I forgot to tell you that she passed puppy training class last month and
this month she got spayed. She likes to go on our boat with us and for
long walks and she is doing just great!

Thank you again for such a great puppy!

God Bless!


BEAU – Jambri