About Us

Sergio and Martha Ovalle

Many years ago, “down on the farm,” is where it all began! With a Vocational Agriculture/FFA teacher as a father, and his sweet, loving wife as a mother, we’ve seen it all -from pigs, to cats, to birds, to dogs, to calves, to baby bunnies and baby raccoons!  We were instilled with a love for nature and the Awesome God Who designed it, a gratitude and awe for the creation around us, and especially the importance of kindness and care for any animal, whether tame or wild. These are our roots.

Rippling Creek Labradoodles Home

Today, those roots have blossomed into a loving, caring home for our Labradoodles – our dogs and their puppies. We began in 2005 with one dog – Sugar, our yellow English Lab. As a much-loved part of our family and home, we say she wasn’t house-trained; she was van-trained! She accompanied us on a family vacation to Mexico at 10 weeks old! What a trip, but what a girl!! We have grown since then to include carefully selected dogs to add to our family.

Three Beautiful Girls

We are a one breed operation – only Labradoodles for us! We strive to adhere to the guidelines set out by the International


Our Dear Sugar

Labradoodle Association in temperament, coat, size and health. We feed quality dog food to all of our dogs, as well as supplementing their diet with veterinarian recommended NuVet vitamins. Because we know the importance of proper dog and puppy care, we limit the number of dogs we have so we can focus on each mother and her babies, and give them the full-time attention they need. All of our dogs are in our home with us – whether inside the house with us, in their own climate controlled “Play Room”, or in our fenced-in backyard, accessible through their doggy door. They enjoy the exercise and fresh air the backyard brings, and eagerly look forward to walks and games of catch with us. They are the furry four-legged part of our family and we value them as such!

Demmi's Favorite Game: Fetch!

Potty time

Our puppies are born in our laundry room, with us being involved from the start. Each puppy is given a vitamin jump-start at birth, and carefully monitored from then on to ensure proper feeding, growth and development. They are showered with love and attention from birth to the day they leave our home. We do not officially begin potty training, but as weather permits, we do take the puppies outside several times a day. They soon learn that the grass in a awesome place to “go,” and thus begins their potty training. Many families have told us that our puppies are very easy to housetrain – certainly accredited to those trips outside!

Snuggling with Kati

At appropriate times in the puppies’ development, we utilize several stimulation and socialization programs. Beginning at just days old, we use the Super Dog Program (or Bio Sensor Program) to enhance the developing neurological systems of the puppies. This is the program the US Military uses for their dogs, giving them an upper edge in alertness, stress control, cardiac stamina, disease resistance, and “canine ingenuity”. Labradoodles are by nature intelligent. This program allows them to realize more of the full potential once they are at home with their forever families.


When the puppies’ eyes have opened, we begin utilizing the Rule of 7 Program, developed by Dr. Carmen Battaglia. This program prepares the puppies to experience life without fears and timidity. We expose them to things such as stairs, car rides, a variety of flooring types, a variety of people, among many other things, all in a calm natural setting. Through this program they are given the age-appropriate exposure that helps them gain the confidence needed to be a pleasant, integral part of their new family.

Puppy Attack!!

As we go about socializing and stimulating our puppies, we give them the most important thing of all – loving, cuddling attention! Often one of us can be seen snuggled on the couch with a playing (or sleeping) puppy!At other times, they can be found exploring all there is to find in the kitchen, and anywhere else they can find to go! Our goal is to prepare each puppy to be the loving, joy-giving, furry family member he or she was meant to be. Truth is, they are our babies! We love ‘em, and we let ‘em know it!!