Our Adults

Bella Scooby
Bella is our cream F1 Labradoodle. She is sweet and gentle and beautifully laid back. She loves people and enjoys any kind of inside or outside play. Bella has her mother’s English bloodlines, is CKC registered, 23″ tall and weighs 50 lbs. Her puppies share the same delightful personality as she has.  Shamu’s Scooby Doo, also known simply as Scooby, is a beautiful red moyen poodle. He is sweet and sensitive and regal. To our delight, he passes his laid back disposition on to his puppies. Scooby is CKC registered, with a long list of clearances in his lineage. He is 19″ tall and weighs 32 lbs. He is on loan to us by a dear friend. 


Demmi Sammy
 Sammy 1
Demmi is our beautiful caramel F1 labradoodle with speaking amber eyes. She is playful and happy, and loves walks and playing ball. Demmi has English Labrador bloodlines, and is CKC registered with good OFA hips. She is 22″ tall, and weighs 45 lbs. Demmi’s puppies continue her intelligent, pleasant disposition. Sammy is a gorgeous red miniature poodle who loves his family and enjoys life. He has a gentle, sweet personality that he passes on to his puppies. He is ACA registered, is 14″ tall, and  weighs about 15 lbs. He comes from amazing lines of quality dogs. Sammy belongs to a friend of ours who lives a little over an hour from us.
Muffy Rus
Sugar Muffin, or Muffy for short, is our lovely apricot medium F1 labradoodle with red highlights, which she gets from her Red Fox Labrador bloodlines. She is sweet, loving and playful, and loves cuddles, walks, and people time! Muffy is CKC registered, with lines of good OFA hips and elbows. She is 18″ tall, and weighs 35 lbs. Muffy’s puppies carry on her sweet loveable disposition. Rus, officially known as Rusty, is a gorgeous dark red miniature poodle. He loves to play and run, and enjoys loving attention anyone will give him!  Rus is a happy dog with a sweet and gentle personality that is shown in his puppies. He is APRI registered, is 12″ tall, weighs 17 lbs. Rus lives with his people family near us.