More Puppy Pics!

September 20th, 2015

Well, the babies are now 2.5 weeks old! They have progressed to the toddler stage, and they are trying out their wobbly legs and newly discovered sight! They’re beginning to recognize each other for more than a table mate/contender and body warmer, and are just starting to bark, growl and bat at each other. The four legged position is really pretty new to them, but they are really trying! A few days ago I watched as one of the little boys prepared to do his puppy business in the typical squat position. Unfortunately, his front feet were too close to his back feet, and he suddenly tumbled forward on his nose! I felt sorry for the little guy, but I must admit, I laughed out loud!! It’s all part of learning the ropes of being a growing puppy! When they walk, they often don’t stay upright for more than a few steps or seconds, but instead, they end up toppled over, only to get up and try again! They are just SO dear!!

Enjoy some pics with me as our babies grow!




Tucker – Introducing!!!!

September 19th, 2015

We welcome handsome Tucker into our canine family and friends!! Tucker is an amazing, friendly, loving, happy medium poodle. He is on the larger side of medium or smaller side of standard. He is about 19 inches tall, and weighs 40 pounds. He loves people, loves to play, and has a lovely personality that shows in his own puppies. He is ACA registered and comes from two lines of very quality dogs. We are grateful for the privilege of including him in our dog family! Thanks go out to his owners who have so graciously opened their hearts to us and our dogs.

Join me in welcoming ….. (drumroll!!!!) …..  TUCKER …..

The one and only Tucker!!!


Bella – Our New Mamma!!

September 9th, 2015

Mamma Bella and Babies!

May I apologize once more for the lack of updates???? TOOOO LONG!!!

Much has transpired around here since my last post, too much to even begin to tell! So …. suffice it to say, we have a brand new litter of precious babies!! Bella is our dear mamma, with 8 adorable babies! We have 7 boys and 1 girl! Poor little girl!! She’ll have to carry her weight carefully to keep up with her brothers! Or maybe she’ll be the cherished princess among the gang!! I guess we’ll see!!!!

The babies were born mostly during the early morning hours of Wed, Sept 2, 2015, beginning about 2:30 AM. Initially, I had been expecting a Sept 4 or 5 delivery date, but on Sunday, August 30, I began noticing some preparation signs. We had everything prepared for Bella, and I checked on her during the successive nights. Tuesday night I went to bed, only to be awakened by a little bark at about 2:30 AM (now Wed morning). Upon entering the laundry room, I was presented a sweet baby boy, the biggest of all, weighing 11.9 ounces! Oh such sweetness!!!

From there on the weights ranges from 9.0 ounces to 11.5 ounces, with the last of the eight born at 4:30 PM Everyone is doing just great, with Mamma just being mamma, and the babies already putting on weight. Their round tummies always encourage me, knowing that everyone is getting enough to eat! The joys of puppies are beyond words!!!

I will try to update a bit better from here on!  If you have any interest at all in adding one of these darlings to your family, let me know asap! The waiting list will finish filling quickly! Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!!

2 Sweet Beauties!!

The Whole Bunch!!!
Pure Sweetness!!


Braxton is growing!!

April 25th, 2015

Braxton and Mamma

Eye see you!!!











Just an update on our little guy, Braxton! He is adorably snuggly, and of course, his butter-ball size is increasing daily, it seems!! His eyes are now almost completely open, and he is beginning to hear. My test is always to let the dryer door “bang” shut. If the puppies pop their heads up, I know the ears are now in use!! If not, I know they have a bit more time of silence! Well, Braxton responded to the dryer today!! He is now entering the big-guy puppy world! How does this happen so fast???!!!  😉

Braxton has been experiencing the love and cuddles that all puppies should get! Our little grandson just loves him! For obvious reasons, all encounters are carefully supervised!! But kisses, strokes and sweet utterances are highly welcomed and encouraged!!

Enjoy Braxton with me for a bit. Pictures don’t do even half justice to cuddling a sweet little puppy. But, since that’s all we can do right now, then that’s what we’ll do!

Braxton at 2 weeks

Three dear ones!



Muffy’s Baby!

April 16th, 2015

Well, after waiting expectantly for 2 months, Muffy decided to present us with her newest baby! Yes, you saw correctly – baby! Muffy had one beautiful little boy at 8:30 on Friday morning, April 10, 2015. He is a perfectly gorgeous light red little baby! He weighed in at 12.5 ounces, and is growing like a …. what’s a better reference than a weed????!!!! He sure is prettier than most weeds I see! Of course, little Braxton, as I am calling him, doesn’t have to push his way through a crowd to reach a plate at the table! He has the whole table to himself!!! He’s an absolute doll!!!

Let me present him to you!

Braxton newborn

Braxton up close and darling!!

Have we found a new definition of adorable!!!



We’re gaining confidence!!

October 11th, 2014

It’s always been interesting to me how, even though the puppies are just a few steps away from the kitchen, when they start coming into the kitchen, they are always hesitant and cautious. They’ll stretch their little necks out and lean in, extending their back legs as far as they can, just to check out the new smells, but not move their feet off the spot where they started!!!! Get the picture???!!!! It takes a few times of them here to get them to loosen up enough to enjoy their visit! Once they feel comfortable, they don’t need any invitation to hurry up the three steps to the kitchen when the door is open! If I am in the laundry room, and hadn’t planned on taking anyone with me to the kitchen, I often need to do a quick-step up the steps, through the door, and close it quickly, so as not to have any followers!!! How can you be bothered by them though, if they do follow, when they are SO stinkin’ sweet (as some have put it!!!)???!!!

Rigo (left) and Andre (right) leading the way!!

Rigo and Andre are in the front, left and right respectively. Then Brady follows them, sort of between them, with Nola, their cream sister to the left. Bravo tries his stretch over towards the fireplace, and Leidy follows suit behind him, while Brinker “stands guard” to the right in the doorway! Tanner checks out the action over Leidy’s back, and Linsey considers that other step up! Brandi peeks up the stairs from the bottom step, and who knows where Angelina is!!! Probably behind Tanner and Brandi, out of sight!! What an experience!! What an exposure! What a preparation for life! Doorways, steps, fireplaces, shoes, tables, chairs, you name it, all are necessary for these babies to be ready for the loving family awaiting them!! Sweet, sweet, sweet, is all I can say!!!



Outdoors, here we come!!!

October 11th, 2014

This week saw another milestone in the lives of our growing little ones! I was waiting for the weather to cooperate to be able to take them outside. Honestly, when that is possible, it sure cuts down on my clean up inside!!!! They begin learning that the grass is a good place to go, and they quickly start utilizing the opportunity! It took some coaxing for all the puppies to cross the threshold, but they all made it. I may have had to carry one or two the first time, but it’s old hat now! I feed them out there as well, so that is a big incentive to go out!! Usually they don’t finish everything out there, so they eat the remainder inside, but they’ve already gone potty outside, which is what we’re looking for!! I’ve been using a small foldable corral this week, but hope to set up the 10’x10′ one today. That gives them lots of play space! This is just another experience that is so vital to their social development. Enjoy the first outside pictures with me!

So orderly!!!
Who’s been their teacher??!!

Oops! Someone got out of line!!!



Just us now, at what we do best (besides sleep)!!

October 1st, 2014

Some have requested a video of the puppies playing. Well, here is one! It’s a little longer, but it almost needs to be to include all of them. It doesn’t really do them justice, but hopefully you’re hearts will be warmed by their charm!!

It’s another YouTube video, so you need to click the link below the picture.




One more video that I found I had. I had posted this on facebook before the puppies were even 2 weeks old, but figured I’d share it here as well. Compare the growth of the puppies between the 2 vidoes! Again, click the link, not the picture!



Stairs and the Bread Line!

October 1st, 2014

Into our laundry are 3 steps. Never had I realized that perfectness of that setup for puppies!! Part of our program for our puppies’ socialization is the Rules of 7 program. We try to expose them to 7 different types of lots of life situations, such as: flooring – grass, concrete, dirt, carpet, etc. Another thing we do without even planning is allowing them to experience things that can be a bit daunting to the puppy in his expanding world, things that we take for granted. Doorways, stairs, tubes, noises, and many more, can be very frightening to a puppy, if not gently exposed to them early on. Our laundry room stairs have served the wonderful purpose of teaching our puppies that stairs are to be conquered, not feared!! Our doorways are openings to pleasant places and experiences: outside (where I can pee and poo on the grass!!!), the kitchen (where I can find someone who will for sure snuggle me!!), and so much more!

Well, the steps have almost become old hat now! Several have even made it to the top step and into the kitchen! Cautiously, but in the kitchen!!! On their first several attempts up the steps, they succeed going up, but then can’t get the courage to go down! I came home one day to hear a woe-some wail coming from the laundry room! I thought someone had gotten in the water dish and couldn’t get out!!! Low and behold, a brave soul had made it up the steps, but had lost the courage and/or know-how to finish his round trip back to the laundry room floor! It’s all part of the learning and growing process!  🙂

We’re big stuff!!
King of the hill!!


Another development is that Bella generally stands to feed the puppies now! They don’t give her time to lie down!! She is no longer with them at nights, and she comes in to them several times a day, nurses, and is ready to leave again! Another of Nature’s (Creator God’s) amazing plan!! Since there are 11 puppies, and Bella doesn’t have that many “table settings”, someone has to wait his/her turn! Oh how terrible that “Bread Line” must be!

Angelina and Nola
waiting patiently for
their turn!



Tanner’s Video

October 1st, 2014

Tanner decided to conquer the blanket! Fortunately, I was sitting on it, so he couldn’t move it too far!! By all indications, it was his arch enemy, and he was out to silence it forever!!  🙂

(Please excuse my computer “un-expertise” again!! I couldn’t figure out how to rotate the video, on my computer, nor on YouTube. I am sorry for the inconvenience! I hate when I see others’ videos like this, and now, here I am posting one of the same! Amazing how we eat our judgments sometimes, huh?!)  Click on the YouTube link below the picture to watch Tanner in action!